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Kitchen Island Remodel

Kitchen Island Remodel Design

Have you considered an island in your kitchen remodel?  Before you start your layout plans, consider adding an island to your new kitchen. The addition adds counterspace, outlets and possible sink and stove top options. An island can create room to prepare food, more storage, wine cooler and refridgeration space. A kitchen island can be one of the flexible aspects of your new kitchen to design. Start out by answering three basic questions regarding your island; your application, design and color.


Using the island for cooking, storage or a sink addition. The most common is storage and food preparation, many homes have implemented cooktops and sinks but require additional electric or plumbing work.

Design and style?

Islands don’t nessicarily need to match the rest of the kitchen counter tops. Since it’s your new focal point, accents can add more light and spacious feel to your remodel. Of course the design needs to harmonize with the rest of your kitchen but finding a pre-built island structure is less expensive and a fresh coat of paint is always an option.

What’s your color pallet?

Don’t lose sleep over this detail, over 65% of the island will be covered with a cooktop, cabnetry, or countertop. Or avoid color selection all together with a stainless steele island or a relaxing granite finish. Need to start your kitchen remodel, contact your Dallas Remodeling Experts and schedule an appointment to view their kitchen design showroom to start your next kitchen remodel.




Bath Remodel Budget

Start Your Budget

Click for more on Bathroom Budgeting Guide

So how much does a bath remodel cost? Bath remodel can be the most expensive remodeling cost per square foot. Now there are baths for any budget, keeping your priorities in check can skim thousands off your final bill. There are two determining factors when calculating the cost of a new bath; the scope and products and services.

1) Budget Scope

Are you planning a master luxurious suite or a modest, functional guest bath? This is a great place to start planning your priorities. Are you looking for the super deluxe of accessories? For example, purchasing a $100.00 Crystal Brass knob, or will a $4.00 brass knob do the trick? Your scope sets your budget accordingly.

2) Products and Services

With the recent popularity of DIY networks, quality bath products can be found at any budget range. It’s important to receive detailed specifications of the bath outlining all services needed for remodeling. For example, is an interior designer contracted or plumbing contractors included? It’s a great idea to set aside 10-20% of the remodeling budget aside for the unexpected.

Major bath budget calculations.

Installation: 20%
Faucets and Plumbing: 15%
Fixtures: 15%
Counter, Floor, Ventilation, Lighting, Walls other 50%.

Save Money on Remodel

Keeping the first three, installation, faucets, plumbing and fixtures on or under budget will keep you’re budget in perspective. It is highly suggested to not move the plumbing fixtures in your remodel, this will significantly increases plumbing costs.

If you have any questions or concerns about your next remodel, please call the friendly staff at the Designer Lane Inspirational Showroom to schedule an appointment. Need to find design ideas for your bath remodel? Click here to find out more.

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Choose the Right Vanity

Bath Remodel

Modern Bath Vanity, Dallas TX

Complements of Vigo Design

A vanity is a necessity and the centerpiece of your bath. There are three determinates when deciding on your new vanity for remodel. First, how much space you have available and second, how many users and finally the design. Vanities come in three main design categories; modern, antique, and single vanities.

Modern Bath Vanities

Modern vanities portray a stream line feel.  Details include chrome hardware, glossy countertops and ceramic basins. Modern vanities are for the bath with a specific color pallet in mind, color coordination is much more flexible with modern bathroom vanities.

Antique Vanities

Antique is for the sophisticated and elegant remodel. Details of an antique vanity include ivory marble countertops and a unique wood paneling design for storage compartments. Higher quality materials are commonly used to make a unique and welcoming bath.

Single Vanities

Perfect for the bath with limited space but can be widened to fit larger spaces. Single vanities have endless combinations of finishes and counter tops. Finishes might include white, oak, cherry, elegant black and walnut. Countertops can come in granite, marble and imperial quartz.

More on Bathroom remodeling budgets here and the Inspirational Showroom of  Dallas, Ft. Worth area here. Quick Request Form Here

Live-In Kitchen 2011 Design

Functional Kitchen Remodeling

Accessories are expanding for the kitchen and living spaces are shifting inward. Many families in a smaller living space have already shifted their living rooms closer to the kitchen. After sharing their success, larger families have implemented the same structure. Families have mentioned this layout increases functionality, efficiency and family bonding.

Kitchen Functional Space

Need to catch up on work? Now you can, connect to the internet and avoid missing the timer while your locked away in your office. Kid’s need help with homework, you’re now able to help your kids with their inverse fractions while preparing dinner. Need to host a Club Meeting, serve drinks and appetizers while saving the world.

Kitchen Together Space

Share a glass of wine with your loved one while planning out your weekend. Place a couch and coffee table near the entrance and turn the kitchen into the central gathering of the house. Can’t get your husband to step near the kitchen? Add a TV and he will never want to leave. The Live-In Kitchen design is a functional, relaxing kitchen space and you can start here!

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Do it Yourself Remodeling…?

Don’t Do It Yourself

DIY Process

We all deserve the beautiful kitchen or bath we’ve always dreamed of, but we don’t know where to start. We look up designs online and  plan a big Saturday to go out and get our remodeling project from Home Depot. In their minds, a morning trip to one of the big box retailers will have them done and home in time to attend their kid’s soccer or baseball game. Once bombarded with an avalanche of design information, our questions go unanswered and can cause a lot of frustration and wasted money. Not anymore, now you can have the satisfaction of DIY without the frustration.

New DIY Trend

For the last few years, DIY (Do It Yourself) has been all the rage in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Numerous television shows are helping fuel the rise like the DIY Network and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. For some individuals, DIY can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if those individuals have previous construction experience, great connections, a knack for building things, tremendous patience or all of the above. For the average person, Designer Lane suggests the Don’tDo It Yourself approach.  Often times, our eagerness and yearning to be self-sufficient works against us, and this is never more true than when it comes to design and remodeling. With over 25 years in the disater relief redesign industry, we have a firm belief we can exceed expectations for our Ft. Worth and Dallas remodeling enthusiasts.

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